Episode 22

Published on:

21st Jul 2021

Justice Is Gray - Zack Snyder's Justice League Revisited

Host Anthony Desiato digs into JUSTICE IS GRAY, the black-and-white edition of ZACK SNYDER'S JUSTICE LEAGUE, with guest Justin De Voe (@reallifelobo). A more immersive and intimate presentation, the B&W version of the film highlights key onscreen details and proves visually striking. Topics discussed include the emotional pieces of Clark's resurrection in the film, the powerful meaning of comics generally for Justin, and more. Warning: episode contains explicit language.

PLUS! Anthony and Justin discuss the 2020 animated movie SUPERMAN: MAN OF TOMORROW on the Patreon bonus show, available on 7/28/21 at Patreon.com/AnthonyDesiato.

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Digging for Kryptonite: A Superman Fan Journey
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