Episode 21

Published on:

7th Jul 2021

Superman in the Bronze Age

Host Anthony Desiato and guest Bernie Gerstmayr dig into the Bronze Age of Superman (1970-1985), which marked a pivot from the Silver Age into more grounded, introspective stories and featured Clark Kent as a TV news anchor. Stories discussed include Denny O'Neil's landmark "Kryptonite Nevermore," Elliot S! Maggin's "Must There Be a Superman?", and Alan Moore's "For the Man Who Has Everything." This is the final installment in a podcast trilogy diving into the Pre-Crisis Superman.

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Digging for Kryptonite: A Superman Fan Journey
From the Host of My Comic Shop History
Host Anthony Desiato (My Comic Shop History) takes flight with an ongoing podcast series exploring Superman! Digging for Kryptonite is an examination of Krypton's Last Son across time and media, with deep dives into the creative visions, character elements, eras, and individual stories that have shaped the Man of Steel and the larger DC Universe for over 85 years. New episodes every Tuesday.
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Anthony Desiato

Anthony Desiato, owner and founder of Flat Squirrel Productions, is a lifelong Superman fan, documentary filmmaker (MY COMIC SHOP COUNTRY), and podcaster. He hosts a network of podcasts including: DIGGING FOR KRYPTONITE, ANOTHER EXCITING EPISODE IN THE ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN, SUMMONING THE ZORDS, and MY COMIC SHOP HISTORY.